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Our Story

Madhu K Murthy, MD, had a problem. As a highly sought-after infectious disease physician and a senior partner with one of the largest specialty groups in the US, his time was stretched, and both his patients and his family needed more of him. With increasing paperwork, confusing technology, and longer commutes, his patients had to wait weeks to see him. Dr. Murthy wanted to improve patient access and still enjoy his personal life. Could he have it all? In 2018, Dr. Murthy found a way to achieve it. He parted ways with his practice and reimagined a new way for specialist care could be delivered. After recruiting help from some of the top minds in healthcare and technology, Nod was born.

Put On Your Oxygen Mask First, Before Assisting Others

“More than 40% of physicians are burned out.”Ref. Without a good quality of life, a physician can’t provide quality care. Telemedicine has dramatically increased the patient experience, but what about physicians? Nod takes this into account and goes it one step further. Our mission is to ensure physicians get their deserved quality of life as well. From automating your front office to providing industry-leading ease, your experience is our priority.

Our Name

Health care is a complex and frustrating industry for all. When we were developing our technology, we wanted the core of our software to have a common theme. We wanted to make sure our users felt connected and understood. When someone is talking, we nod to show we are listening. When a coach gives the quarterback the nod, we know a great play is coming soon. Our technology lives and breathes communication and understanding at its core.

Our Spirit

We are warm and friendly when we deliver our message. We are delighted in the smiles of our customers and partners. We support our community as our family. We concern ourselves with the details and how they impact others. We are informed and decisive when taking action. We approach every situation committed to a positive outcome. We are unafraid to give a nod to the future and the changes it brings. We live everyday to improve the lives of everyone in our reach.

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